Police using online gaming records to catch Berea thieves

Police using online gaming records to catch Berea thieves

19 Action News has learned investigators are trying to find a burglar using records from a video game system.

Police use phone records sometimes to find a trail for bad guys. Well this time, police are using records from a Playstation 4 game system.

Hook up your Sony Playstation 4 and you can interact online with other people using Playstation 4 systems. And that just might solve a burglary.

For some time, Berea Police have been investigating a break in on Baldwin Drive where a Playstation and an XBox video game system were stolen and more.

So detectives requested records from that stolen Playstation. Where has it been used? This might generate some leads.

Police also believe crooks stole that game system then sold it online posting it for sale on Craigslist.

So, no guarantees this will crack the case but the idea of playing around with the gaming records could be a winner.

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