Browns Monday: Joe Haden transcript

Browns Monday: Joe Haden transcript
Browns Monday: Joe Haden transcript (Source:WOIO)
Browns Monday: Joe Haden transcript (Source:WOIO)

On the number of defensive backs on the teams' roster:

"I knew our room was deep, and I knew we had a lot of talent and it was going to be hard. When I was looking at the room – sometimes in different situations, you could see the players that were going to get released or whatever – but with that room that we had, we had really tough competition. I think the coaches couldn't make decisions either."

On whether the Browns will use a lot of packages and defensive backs:

"Yeah, definitely. Everybody that we have out there is game ready. They've been proving themselves. The competition, just the skill-set, everybody will be able to help if they were out there."

On whether he'll be available for the opener against Pittsburgh:

"Oh yeah, I'm good. It was just more of a precaution. I talked to the coach about it, but I'm going to be okay."

On whether he's surprised by the number of defensive backs on the roster:

"Yeah, it did honestly, but I'm glad because a lot of those dudes, you've built relationships with those kids. It's a real good room, it's a deep room, we get along and everybody in that room can definitely help us win. It's a positive."

On what Pettine has said about each defensive back's specific roles in the defense:

"He hasn't really given us anything individually or really said anything different, just the same thing – make sure you know our opponent and know what you're doing and just keep grinding."

On whether he's talked to rookie DB Justin Gilbert about some of his struggles during the preseason:

"It happens you know. It's better to get it early and understand that it's NFL caliber players out there and everybody's getting a paycheck so it's going to happen. Have a short term memory. I remember my rookie season, I was getting burned up sometimes. It happens. You have to take in your nix, bumps and bruises and just know that coming into the season, you have to have thick skin and you have to be able to make plays and don't worry about it."

On DB Buster Skrine's development at cornerback:

"I'm so proud of Buster, just being his teammate ever since he came in and just to see his work ethic and how in the beginning it was a bumpy road. Definitely, it wasn't going as well, he got a lot of penalties or whatever, but now just seeing him grow, seeing him mature and seeing him become a better corner and just a veteran on the team – being able to understand defenses, he knows the calls, he's smart and just playing a lot more confident believing in his speed, being able to play the ball now – I love it just because it just shows the growth of a player and how he's legitimately a big piece of this defense now. It's just real special."

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