Where are the Cleveland Police body cameras?

Where are the Cleveland Police body cameras?

We're asking new questions about plans for Cleveland Police body cameras now that discussions have dragged on for more than a year.

In fact, officers in Ferguson, Missouri now wear cameras just weeks after the police shooting of young Michael Brown caused an uproar. Two companies donated body cameras to that department.

Way back in July 2013, we reported Cleveland City Hall had decided on getting body cameras for officers here. But Cleveland Police still don't have them on the street.

However, the department did just finish a test project. And a camera caught the arrest of a county judge for a domestic beating.

The cameras can show what really happened at a scene. So last week, we checked. Where are the body cameras for Cleveland?

"The body camera project is in the evaluation stage after the pilot (test)," according to the chief's office.

Councilman Zack Reed has called again and again for police cameras. He's grown impatient.

"Why we're taking this long, only God knows," Reed said. "We're putting our police officers in a position of having to defend themselves. And we're telling our citizens we have an opportunity to do something, and we're just not doing it."

The Ferguson Police Department is much, much smaller than Cleveland's department. And multiple sources say one problem here is how to store massive amounts of police video. But still no word on what's next or when.

The money for Cleveland police body cameras has already been set aside. The councilman says he'll be demanding answers at a meeting this week.

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