Man confesses to the murder of 4 men over Labor Day weekend

Man confesses to the murder of 4 men over Labor Day weekend
Four men are murdered in Bucyrus. (Source: Google Maps)
Four men are murdered in Bucyrus. (Source: Google Maps)

BUCYRUS, OH (WOIO) - Bucyrus Police have arrested a man who is suspected of killing four men over Labor Day weekend.

Officers are referring to him as an "uncharged suspect" after they say he walked into the police department and claimed he killed the men. The four victims were all between the ages of 55-to-67-years-old.

At this time police have not obtained a motive for the murders.

A preliminary investigation reveals that the suspect knew the victims, but that the victims did not know one another.

The community and families of the victims are trying to understand what led to what is being called the "worst day in this city's history."

"He was a very friendly person and he'd give you the shirt off his back," says Misty Chatman. Police say her father, Billy Jack Chatman, was beaten inside his Bucyrus home.

"It makes me sick and nauseous and sick to my stomach that someone could go around and do this to people," Chatman says.

State crime investigators searched the apartment of Darrell Lewis, after he was found dead in his home. They are hoping to find answers to why he was murdered.

Sarah Lewis says she was told her father was found lying near his front door, choked to death.

"My dad was 65-years-old. He had both of his hips broke so he was helpless," Lewis says.

Police say two other men were found murdered not far from the home.

Amber Hensley's uncle, 67-year-old Freelin Hensley, was also found murdered in his residence.

"He was found in the bathroom. Someone locked his door and he never locked his door," says Hensley.

Check back for more information as Bucyrus Police continue their investigation.

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