OHSAA new "mercy rule" was effective week 1

OHSAA new "mercy rule" was effective week 1

OHSAA's newly adopted mercy rule was very effective week 1 of High School football.

In May of this year the OHSAA adopted a new "mercy rule" for High School football. The rule comes into play when the point differential is 30 points or more after the 1st half, at which point a continuous clock will come into effect, the only time the clock can be stopped is during an official timeout, after a score, or at the end of the period.

In week 1 of High School football, 114 of 375 opening games had the new rule come into effect. Benedictine was leading Normandy 48-0 at halftime in their Thursday night game, causing the clock to run the entire second half.

The first half of the Brunswick vs. Medina game took 67 minutes, The Blue Devils took a 27-0 lead at half. Two minutes into the second half, the Blue Devils kicked a field goal that put the rule into effect. The second half took 32 minutes to play. Brunswick won 36-0.

Beau Rugg, the OHSAA assistant commissioner said the rule will be reviewed after the season, and that changing the 30-point threshold could be discussed.

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