The Madden 15 glitch: Chris Kirksey

The Madden 15 glitch: Chris Kirksey

The Madden 15 glitch that everyone is talking about includes Cleveland Browns third round pick, LB Chris Kirksey.

Browns rookie LB Chris Kirksey has waited all his life to make it in the NFL and to get the chance to be on the famous Madden football game. Little (pun intended) did he know, he was only 1'2" in the video game. Madden 15 placed him on the wrong team when you play in the "Ultimate Team" mode, he plays for the Tennessee Titans.

The 1'2" linebackers height in the video game comes up short to his real height of 6'2".

Kirksey is taking a very positive approach to this. "No matter how small you are: dream big and live big," Kirksey tweeted after finding out about the glitch.

Representatives from Madden plan on stopping by Browns practice Thursday to talk explain to Kirksey what actually happened.

Photo credit to @sportsnet on twitter.

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