Reports: HGH testing talks heat up in NFL

Reports: HGH testing talks heat up in NFL

NFL and the NFL Players Association are close on a new drug testing program that will include HGH testing,'s Mike Florio reports.

The two sides are in negotiations to implement HGH testing for the first time in the league's history, it will also look to remodel the current drug testing policy.

The new drug policy would include changes in Marijuana thresholds for a positive test and would be increased from it's current threshold mark of 15 nanograms per milliliter. Substances such as Adderall, Ritalin and other amphetamines will shift the PED policy to the substance abuse policy, specific to an offseason positive test.

Currently if a player test positive for Adderall or related amphetamines they will face an automatic four game suspension for a first time offender.

The new rules would include referral to the substance abuse program for an offseason positive test for a banned substance such as amphetamines but will hold no suspension. However an in-season positive test of a banned substance would result into a four game suspension.

Under the new rule, Denver Bronco's WR, Wes Welker would not of been suspended because the positive test happened in May and not during the season.

The talks are in no way finished, but it is a great sign that the long awaited process is starting to form between the NFL and NFLPA.

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