DirecTV dispute by the numbers

DirecTV dispute by the numbers

We Live Here

Over the years we value that you have come to rely on WOIO and WUAB. We value your loyalty, and we regret that our service has been interrupted for some of our viewers.  There is a lot of noise and half-truths in the media about the situation with DirecTV.   Please bear with us while we give you more background on what's really happening.

As a local broadcaster, we have a longstanding special relationship with the communities in Northeast Ohio that we have been serving for decades.  We have teams of people dedicated to providing local news, weather, sports and entertainment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  You know a lot of those people.  While DirecTV, located in Los Angeles, may not think too much about dropping WOIO and WUAB from their service, it's a big deal to us- we live here.

The Economics of WOIO and WUAB

Our economics are simple.  We invest heavily in the content that makes our two stations great. That includes local programming, like hours and hours of local news and weather and top tier national programming from our network, which costs us much more today than it did three years ago.  We offer all of this programming at no cost to you in its entirety, 24/7/365 over the air and on our digital platforms.

In addition to offering our programming over the air, online and on mobile devices, we also provide it to pay TV providers for a small fee per month.  This dispute is about what that fee is for DirectTV. We offer some of the best sports and entertainment programming on TV, like the NFL on CBS, Amazing Race, Big Bang Theory and your breaking news and weather leader, 19 Action News.  All of that comes at a cost, and those costs increase over time.  In fact the cost of our network programming has more than doubled every year on average for the last three years.

We are asking DirecTV to cover their fair share of those increases, like any business would, since our last deal with them is 3 years old.  But you deserve to know that what we are asking for is a fraction of what DIRECT TV pays some cable networks that are not nearly as popular in Northeast Ohio.  In an average hour, 11% of the Northeast Ohio viewing audience watches WOIO and WUAB.  DirectTV pays other content providers that have a much smaller audience 4x more than what we are asking for.  Said another way, DirecTV pays certain cable networks four times what we are asking for, while those same cable networks have a fraction of our audience! DirectTV doesn't understand why these two stations are so important to Northeast Ohio.  Why else wouldn't they be willing to pay a fair price?

We Need Your Help

We hate the fact that DirecTV took WOIO and WUAB off their air. Serving Northeast Ohio is why we get up every morning.  If you hate it too, and want to get it back, let DirecTV know that you are not happy.  DirecTV is based in Los Angeles, they won't know who you are unless you call and ask them to bring back WOIO and WUAB. Here is how you can reach them:

If they don't get the message, there are other pay TV providers that serve Northeast Ohio, like Cox Cable ( 866 ) 961-0027, DISH ( 877 ) 980-7359, and Time Warner Cable ( 888 ) 547-7143. You can also get WOIO and WUAB for free anytime with an antenna. While it's a major inconvenience to switch pay TV providers, you have the right to fire people that aren't providing the service you want and pay for.  Raycom Media wants this to stop too.  If you want more information to understand the truth, just call us here at ( 216 ) 258-0043. We are happy to talk with you.

With your help, we can get WOIO and WUAB back on DirecTV very soon.

Thank you.