The story behind missing child at Edgewater Park

The story behind missing child at Edgewater Park

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO/CBS) - 19 Action News now has the report from Metroparks Rangers revealing the story behind the mystery of a missing child at a crowded Edgewater Park on Labor Day.

A mother is facing charges. Rangers say Amy Bohannon couldn't be found for about an hour while her 3-year-old daughter had been left alone just steps from a busy parking lot and a dangerous Lake Erie. The area was crowded with visitors since it was a holiday and the air show was going on.

Monday afternoon, a woman told rangers about a 3-year-old girl covered in sand and a blanket in a field at Edgewater Park.

A witness told rangers the little girl had been wandering by herself for 20 minutes. Then rangers say about 45 minutes after that, Amy Bohannon walked up to them. A report shows Bohannon had seven kids with her ranging in age from 3 to 14.

A report shows mom blamed the other kids for not watching the little one. But rangers arrested Bohannon and charged her with child endangering.

19 Action News reporter Ed Gallek went to see her on Cleveland southwest side, but she wouldn't come to the door. A neighbor said Bohannon had called her to tell us to leave.

Records show Bohannon had three other adults with her when she got arrested. A relative took the kids.

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