Art gallery owner on trial

Can art galleries sell wine? Are some galleries favored by the state?
Loren Naji to testify at his own trial. (Source: WOIO)
Loren Naji to testify at his own trial. (Source: WOIO)

A local art gallery owner accused of selling liquor without a permit took the stand Friday.

Judge Loren Moore took everything under advisement after the two parties couldn't reach settlement. SHe will issue her ruling on November 3.

Loren Naji is charged with several misdemeanors.
His establishment, the Loren Naji Studio Gallery on West 25th in Tremont, was raided two times in May. 

One issue dealt with an occupancy permit, which Naji said he was in the process of obtaining when he was raided.

Before that, Naji's gallery was shut down by Cleveland Police after they received a noise complaint. State liquor agents confiscated an estimated $600 worth of beer and wine during that raid.

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