Browns fans optimistic after season's first game

Browns fans optimistic after season's first game
Fans anxiously watch the game in downtown Cleveland. (Source: WOIO)
Fans anxiously watch the game in downtown Cleveland. (Source: WOIO)

A tale of two completely different performances wrapped up in four quarters Saturday. Unfortunately, it was the same old end result that Cleveland Browns fans have become accustomed to. The Browns lost to the Steelers 30-27.

After kickoff in the first quarter, it was certainly the same old Browns team, stinking up the field in Pittsburgh.

"First half was rough," said one fan.

After all the preseason hype over Johnny Football - who did not even play - this is all we got: a measly three points. It certainly was the same old Browns.

"In the first quarter, we didn't even look like a football team," said a Browns fan.

It could be considered a typical season opener, with Browns players sputtering through the first half. It looked like Pittsburgh was going to beat up the poor Browns again.

Who knows what Coach Mike Pettine said to the Browns at half time, but in the third and fourth quarters revealed a different team and game.

"It was like night and day in the first half and the second half," said a Browns fan.

The Browns finally looked like the NFL team fans had been starving to see.

"They did good. I was surprised they did good," said a fan.

They gave hope to the faithful.

"We were a six-point underdog. We proved them wrong today. So this rivalry is going to change," said a hopeful fan.

Even Steelers fans appreciated the Browns' performance.

"They gave us a run for our money there in the second half," said a Pittsburgh fan.

Coming all the way back to tie the game and then losing in the final seconds, for some, was the worst way to lose.

"Worry about next week. We lost," said one fan.

In years past, Browns fans have said wait until next year. Now, it's wait until next week.

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