A dangerous respiratory virus is hitting the Midwest hard this year

A dangerous respiratory virus is hitting the Midwest hard this year

Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital is reporting a four to seven-fold increase in respiratory admissions for the months of July and August. The hospital will be sending samples to the State Health Department and CDC to determine whether or not their young patients have EV-D68 or Enterovirus.

EV-D68 hits kids with asthma and under the age of five hard. Hundreds of children in ten different states, including Ohio, have now been treated with symptoms of the virus that starts with a bad cold and then, in the worst cases, can lead to respiratory distress.

Dr. Rebecca Schein is a Pediatric Infectious Diseases Physician at MetroHealth Medical Center, who says they are seeing more kids with respiratory illnesses than usual for this time of the year. The children have symptoms of an Enterovirus which aren't confirmed to be EV-D68, but she says there's no cause for panic.

"Most children are getting better in two weeks which is a little bit longer than your typical cold which lasts about a week. This is lasting two weeks. The cough will get slowly better over time, the cough could persist up to two to three weeks," says Dr. Schein.

The best advice to protect yourself and your kids:

"Wash your hands, cover your cough. If you are sick or feel like you are getting sick, stay home and don't infect anyone else. It should be about one to two weeks and you should feel better," adds Dr. Schein.

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