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The day after: How are Browns fans recovering from Sunday's loss?

The Browns first half the Sunday's season opener against the Steelers was hard to watch.

But the comeback, 24 straightpoints, was thrilling. However, the Browns couldn't quite make it over the hump, and lost 30-27 with a last second field goal by Pittsburgh. 

Taking it all in stride-are you, the loyal fans; optimistic orpessimistic about the rest of this season?

"Good teams find ways towin those games and there have been a lot of moral victories over the years, butthe fact of the matter is we're not closing those games out," said Tony Cacioppolo, season ticket holder. 

Most fans are taking the positives out of this. Hopeand faith are critical qualities for Browns fans.

"I guess it all depends onwhich team is the real team, first half or second half, but I'm going to go withsecond half and hope for the best," said fan Robin Rizzo.

So we will do what must be done, what we've always done atleast for fifteen years now, believe and wait.

"They look like they'll be reasonably competitive ifgiven some time," said Jerome Saunders. 

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