Bay Police to wrap up ice bucket investigation by week's end, submit evidence to Prosecutor's office

19 Action News has discovered Bay Village Police should wrap up their investigation by Friday in the Ice Bucket Challenge attack and hand over all their evidence to the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office.

As the video of the ice bucket challenge attack continues to sweep across the nation, back in Bay Village, police are continuing to track down why a group of five Bay High School students would dump a mixture of water and bodily fluids on a 14-year-old boy who is autistic.

Drew Carey, Jenny McCarthy, and Donnie Wahlberg all tweeting about it and offering to donate $10,000 each to the victim.

Montel Williams is also donating and sending out a message on Twitter to Bay High students, talking about integrity and reminding kids one bad choice can cause your life to change in an instant.

Police Chief Mark Spaetzel told 19 Action News his investigators should have the case wrapped up by the end of the week.

Bay Village School District Superintendent Clint Keener released a statement saying:

"We are extremely proud of the response from our student body."

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