Get Domestic Violence Help

Get Domestic Violence Help
There are ways to break the cycle of domestic violence. (Source: MGN Online)
There are ways to break the cycle of domestic violence. (Source: MGN Online)

(WOIO) - Domestic violence should never happen to anyone. But it does. When it does, there are ways to get help. Domestic violence can include a variety of situations from teen dating to marriage disputes.

Whether you're a victim or you know someone who is, help is available and accessible.

Forms Of Domestic Violence:

Emotional/Psychological Abuse affects the victim's sense of self and reality. It is typically manifested as verbal and behavioral abuse.

Emotional/Psychological Abuse includes:

• Ignoring the victim's feelings
• Withholding approval as a form of punishment
• Putting down the victim's abilities as a parent, lover, worker
• Telling the victim about own sexual affairs
• Jealousy
• Demanding all the victim's attention
• Creating and maintaining economic dependency
• Withholding money
• Isolating from social contacts
• Humiliation in front of family members, others
• Blaming the victim for own misfortunes and mistakes
• Yelling
• Hostile jokes about the victim's gender
• Insults
• Threats of physical violence and retaliation, of abuse of children, or of getting custody of children

Physical Abuse begins with relatively minor assaults and grows more violent and targeted with repetition. It sometimes involves denying medical treatment for injuries or wounds resulting from abuse.

Physical Abuse includes:

• Pinching
• Squeezing
• Pushing
• Shoving
• Jerking
• Pulling
• Shaking
• Slapping
• Biting
• Hitting
• Punching
• Kicking
• Choking
• Strangling
• Using objects to perpetrate violence
• Using weapons (brass knuckles, knives, guns)

Sexual Abuse is the use of emotional, psychological and physical violence in sexual relations. 

Sexual Abuse includes:

• Forcing sexual contact
• Forcing intercourse
• Using blackmail in sexual relations
• Using sex as a reward or punishment
• Rape, including between spouses

What You Can Do If You Are A:

Domestic Violence & Child Advocacy Center at 216-391-HELP
Ohio Domestic Violence Network at 1-800-934-9840
National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233
YWCA at 216-881-6878
Local Women's Shelters

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