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How a domestic violence murder suspect slipped through the system

Alberto Medina (Source: Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office) Alberto Medina (Source: Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office)
Victim Malorie Ferrell (Source: Family) Victim Malorie Ferrell (Source: Family)

We're investigating how a domestic violence murder suspect stayed on the streets in the days before a killing, even though he was supposedly under watch by the courts already. Records show he should have been hauled in before the murder, but the system failed when one Cuyahoga County court worker went on vacation.

Cleveland Police just arrested Alberto Medina as they investigate him for killing his ex-lover.

Just weeks ago, he had been hit with charges for beating her. She had a protection order and he had to check in with the Cuyahoga County court while he was out on bond. But records show he didn't do that.

On Aug. 26, Medina appeared before a county judge and got a bond to get out of jail. The court tells us on Sept. 2, a drug test came back positive for pot. So Medina should have gone back to court on Sept. 3 to see a probation officer overseeing his bond. But the court says he didn't show.

Yet no arrest warrant was taken out until six days later -- the morning after police believe Medina shot and killed the woman he had beaten in August, Malorie Ferrell.

The court confirms the worker overseeing Medina's bond in the earlier case was on vacation. Someone in the office simply noted it and left it for that worker to handle when she got back.

The court spokesman says when a worker goes on vacation, it does not have someone else take over that case load "due to the large amount of cases that are handled."

Another delay was that the earlier case was headed to a grand jury for more felony charges, but Cuyahoga County prosecutors had not actually presented it yet, since a new grand jury was just sworn in and a holiday weekend followed.

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