Browns Wednesday: Pettine transcript

Browns Wednesday: Pettine transcript
Mike Pettine addressed the media Wednesday. (Source:WOIO)
Mike Pettine addressed the media Wednesday. (Source:WOIO)

Cleveland Browns head coach, Mike Pettine addressed the media Wednesday.

On if Ben Tate is out Sunday against the Saints:


On how comforting it was for Browns rookie RBs Terrance West and Isaiah Crowell to step up last week against the Steelers:

"It was encouraging, but they need to be able to take the next step, and this will be another challenge for them. To go against this type of defense that neither one of those guys have seen before. It'll be a good test for them, but I think (Browns running backs coach) Wilbert's (Montgomery) done a good job with that group. They we're obviously prepared for the Pittsburgh game to step in and play, and hopefully it'll be more of the same this week."

On if West will be the No. 1 running back against the Saints:

"Yeah, Terrance will start the game. Crowell will be the complement, and then we're not sure. Depending on how the week goes, just what will do with the situation with the third back, with (Browns RB) Glenn Winston."

On how concerning it is for TE Jordan Cameron that he has an injury to the same shoulder he injured five or six weeks ago:

"I'm not going to get into the medical specifics of it. He took a pretty good shot. From what I've been told, I don't think it's a  chronic thing, so I don't know whether it's just a coincidence that it's the same one or a repeat of the old injury. I just don't have the feel for that yet."

On if who would start if Cameron can't go and why he liked TE Gerell Robinson:

"Robinson is a converted wide out. We feel like we have two pretty good blocking tight ends in (TE Gary) Barnidge and (TE Jim) Dray. I thought they did a solid job in the game. Also, they weren't just…it wasn't like having a third tackle. They were both more than functional in the pass game – caught the balls that were thrown to them, got open, ran the right route. They were dependable. The reason that Jordan separated himself from that group was just a different skill set – to have a guy who's more of an athlete, can stretch the field. That's the type we were looking for, and that's what Robinson, we hope, can bring to us is a guy who has wide receiver type skills, yet he's still functional in the run game if he does have to block. He's not just a wide receiver."

On who will be the starter at tight end:

"I think it depends on the personnel group. A lot of times we're in two tight (ends) to begin with. We have both groupings where if there's only one tight end on the field, there's a tag in the personnel grouping that will – Barnidge is in, Dray is in. I think it just depend on how (offensive coordinator) Kyle (Shanahan) wants to open the game."