Major cleanup efforts under way after storms rip through Stow

Major cleanup efforts under way after storms rip through Stow

STOW, OH (WOIO) - Crews are working in Stow cleaning up the damage, where winds ripped part of the roof off a house.

The National Weather Service confirmed today that an EF0 tornado touched ground Stow-Munroe Falls High School at 5:22 p.m. It traveled northeast to the Quail Highland Neighborhood near the intersection of Berwin Drive and Bunker Lane.

The half mile path of the tornado caused damages to five homes, uprooted trees, and knocked down power lines. The estimated wind speed was 85 mph.

19 Action News Meteorologist Jon Loufman examined the scene and said based on the type of damage, there is no doubt a tornado ripped through the area.

Bob Washko saw it all.

"All of a sudden, kind of before my eyes, I see these swirling winds just kind of drop down right into my backyard," he said.

Washko describing the terrifying scene Wednesday evening as an intense storm rolled through. He had heard the tornado warnings.

"I saw my 40-foot tree just kind of explode in front of my eyes and stuff flying everywhere. And then I screamed to my son, 'Let's get downstairs!' And again, just kind of peripheral, out of the corner of my eyes, I just saw stuff flying all around the backyard," said Washko.

His wife, Paulette, was riding home on an electric light and fun bicycle when the swirling winds hit.

"It was pandemonium. There was everything flying and I literally heard the 'Wizard of Oz' song in the back of my head, thinking I'm on a bicycle in a tornado. It's hard to believe. It was so surreal," she said.

The destruction is evident. Part of a neighbor's roof blew off. The Washkos rode out the storm in a bathroom in the basement.

"Our backyard's pretty torn up. Part of the fence is gone. We have a tree that went down inside our pool. We had a little bit of minor roof damage," said Drew Washko.

Still, they feel lucky, a lot luckier than their next-door neighbors.

"This isn't the first time this has happened to them. There was actually a micro burst that hit their house about seven years ago. It did some damage to our house, but to theirs, it actually moved walls, and they were out for about six months," said Paulette Washko.

An incredible story from one local family about a very close call.

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