Teacher fired for racial facebook post writes book

Teacher fired for racial facebook post writes book

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - In June, Firestone High School teacher David Spondike was fired after the fallout from a Facebook post he made.

He wrote, "You Can take your n*** a** back where it came from. I don't have anything against anyone of color but n***** stay out."

Spondike says he was angry after someone urinated on his lawn during Halloween trick or treat.  And he's still not done expressing his thoughts.

This week he published an e-book titled "Accidental Racist: What I learned from the Akron Public Schools and the NAACP"

In the 500 page book Spondike says he's been wrongly portrayed as a racist after his Facebook post.

He writes, "Race: The elephant in the room. I kicked the elephant in the toe, and it stomped me with my weight."

He claims his comments do not make him a racist and says he hopes the book will create a better future for children.

His book has a lot of people in the streets of downtown Akron talking. After reading a few pages we asked what people though of Spondike and his book. 

"It's amazing how people can judge off of just one comment. I'd like to read it to see where he's coming from," said one Akron man.

"If he's not a racist he would have never have said it," said another Akron resident.

"Sounds like self justification. I don't have time for that," said one Akron native. 
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