Tailgating troubles for RV owners

Tailgating troubles for RV owners
Browns fans are heated up over RV tailgating rules. (Source: WOIO)
Browns fans are heated up over RV tailgating rules. (Source: WOIO)

For Clevelanders, the familiar sights of grilling, corn hole and bellying up to the bar decked out in your best Browns gear are all comforting signs that the football season is finally here again. Unfortunately though, according to tailgaters, so are the fun police.

"How can you get rid of this? You get rid of everything in Cleveland. There's no fun anymore! They got rid of the fun!" said Rhonda Eisele, of Parma.

Fans are crying foul about what happened to RV owners when they pulled up to the gate to park at Burke Lakefront Airport's parking lot.

"When I got here, they wanted to charge me $100, wanted me to pay for four spaces when this only takes up two," said Brad Warbritton, of Willowick.

Del Levengood paid $250 to park three RVs.

"We came here, and once we got here, we were stuck. We can't just turn around and go home. Well, we could, but we don't want to," said Levengood.

RV owners say they were used to parking for the number of spaces they took up, but this year it's different. They say it's basically $100 to park your RV across the board.

"We didn't know until we pulled up to the gate that they were going to change pricing," said Bill Lewins, of Concord.

Then came a total game changer.

"He told us this is the last time RVs are parking in this parking lot," added Warbritton.

Tailgaters are hotter than the burgers on their grill.

"If I can't park this RV here, it's possible I won't come down, and I've been a season ticket holder for over 35 years," said Warbritton.

A Cleveland police officer said as things stand right now, you should be able to bring your RV into the Muni Lot. He said there are so many fans that are upset, that the "No RV" policy at Burke may change for the next home game.

Fans are demanding something be done - or else.

"We probably won't come if we can't bring the RVs," said Levengood.

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