Carl Monday Investigation: Inspection history of bus involved in deadly accident

Carl Monday digs into the history of the bus that crushed a driver in Akron

AKRON, OH (WOIO) - Several investigations are now underway into the cause of a runaway school bus crash that killed its driver.  Laura Zborowski was crushed by the vehicle as she saved a 10-year-old student's during a bus evacuation drill at the Middlebury Academy in Akron.

Chief investigator Carl Monday also did some digging into the inspection history of the bus and the company that owns it.

Back in July, during its annual inspection, the Ohio Highway Patrol found a brake problem on the same bus and ordered it out of service.  A second bus was found with the same problem.  However, the Highway Patrol says the brake issue did not contribute to yesterday's accident.

The Patrol does say the parking brake was disengaged when they inspected the bus, which could have caused the bus to roll.  But a Patrol spokesman told 19 Action News they don't know at what point the parking brake was released.

The bus company owner, Petermann says it's an industry leader when it comes to bus safety and maintenance.

Monday and his team did find a lawsuit involving Petermann and one of its buses.  A Petermann bus struck and killed a man along I-70 while he stood outside his disabled pick-up.  The bus driver was convicted of vehicular homicide.

Petermann transports 50,000 school children each day.  About 25,000 school bus accidents happen each year.  On average, about 140 end in death.

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