Browns Thursday: Mike Pettine transcript

Browns Thursday: Mike Pettine transcript
Browns Thursday: Mike Pettine transcript (Source:WOIO)
Browns Thursday: Mike Pettine transcript (Source:WOIO)

On if he was encouraged by what TE Jordan Cameron was able to do yesterday at practice:

"Yeah, cautiously optimistic. He was able to move around. We weren't in pads. Today will be a better test, just a little bit of contact to see how he responds."

On if he sees a difference in the Ravens this season compared to last year:

"I do, and it's primarily on the offensive side. I think they're believing in that system. They're executing it well. It's easy for us to see because it's very similar to what we do, as we know. Defensively, not much has changed. That's a prideful, competitive group that makes you earn everything. I would say that's the strength of their team. I think you see the difference in the quarterback, especially last week, much more decisive. Not holding onto the ball as long, and they made a commitment to run the football."

On what the Ravens' tight ends might be able to do on Sunday based on how Saints TE Jimmy Graham played against the Browns last week:

"I think Jimmy Graham is in a class by himself, but those guys are good players. (Ravens TE) Owen Daniels has been around this league for a long time, knows this system inside and out, knows how to get open, great catch radius, makes a lot of plays. Then, (Ravens TE Dennis) Pitta obviously has a very good relationship with Flacco. I think there's good chemistry there. A lot of targets go his way. He's a guy that I put him up there among the premier tight ends in the league. I think he's very underrated, but there's definitely that connection with him and the quarterback."

On if Ravens offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak was under consideration for the Browns' offensive coordinator position:

"He was, but it was right around the time where he was on the fence as to whether he was going to get back into it. We were moving pretty quickly. There was definitely interests, but the circumstances just never truly materialized for it to happen."

On if he ever interviewed Kubiak for the position:

"No, I spoke to him over the phone, but there was never a formal interview. It never got to that."

On if Kubiak didn't want to jump into anything at the time:

"Yeah, at that point. He can probably answer this better, but there was a period when the season ended he just wanted to get away for good reason – just, 'Hey, let me just go turn off my phone and spend some time away from the game a little bit and evaluate what he wanted to do.' Like I said, the circumstances just never materialized."

On if he thought the first three games of the season would be one of the tougher parts of the schedule and that they would have a chance to be 2-1 after it:

"No, that's for the fans and media to do. We wanted to build a plan to be 1-0. You look at the schedule, but it's never, 'OK, win here, loss here.' You can't do that in the NFL. I think every week – as has been proven two weeks now – is that any NFL team, when prepared properly and go out with the right mindset, can win. You can look at stretches and kind of look at home and away. Who has a bye before they play you and who's getting extra time and who are we playing?  You look at those subtleties, but as far as when you truly look at the offseason – who's going to be good and who isn't? There are surprises with that every year. I think a lot of analysis goes into the schedule but it's not as much by us as you would think."

On the upside of getting all of the front-seven players back from injury, specifically DL John Hughes, LB Barkevious Mingo and DL Desmond Bryant:
"It'll be good to get that group completely healthy and out there. It'll make for some tough decisions. That's a deep group. There could be a good player or two standing next to me in street clothes on game day, but that comes with the territory. I think you need that depth to make it through a season, as we've already shown that you need guys to step up. It's a good problem to have. We have some quality d-linemen, not the flashiest group in the league, but there's quality there and there's depth."

On how Desmond Bryant did in his first game back from injury last week and if there will be an increase of reps this week against the Ravens:

"It could, and he was solid, nothing spectacular. I think it was typical of a guy coming off of a long lay-off. I think we were pretty smart with him, but with the depth of the group and the quality I just talked about we can be in mode of kind of feeding the hot hand if guys playing well, continue to play him. I know Anthony Weaver does a real good job and is very mindful as the game goes on of who's playing well and the guys' rep counts."

On if he has any plans to talk to Harbaugh about injuries:

"No, I'll avoid that one (laughs)."