Cavaliers lift ban against James Blair

Cavaliers lift ban against James Blair

The Cleveland Cavaliers have lifted their lifetime ban against James Blair, a fan who rushed the court last year in a game against the Miami Heat.

Blair ran past security and rushed the court during the Cavaliers matchup against the Heat, the team LeBron James played for last year. He ran up to James with a shirt that read "WE MISS YOU, 2014 COME BACK".

The Cavaliers issued a lifetime ban to James Blair for the incident. Well that's didn't last long, Blair tweeted the following from his twitter account @jamesblair06 "Guess I waited long enough and everyone keeps asking so.. YES my ban is lifted and I cant wait to enjoy the games at the Q with everyone"

LeBron James returning to Cleveland could of played a small role in lifting the ban, just a small one.

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