Browns fans react to the team's loss to the Ravens

Browns fans react to the team's loss to the Ravens

They certainly had their chances to make a stand. The coach took the blame.

"I don't believe it's the same old browns. I say it's something different," says Jerome Smith.

Ok it's different, but what about the two chances, both fourth quarter, third down situations, either one is converted and the browns may have won the game.

"I think there's a chance here, I don't think it's the same old Browns," says Mark Seryak.

What about Travis Benjamin, catch the ball!!! Another play not made and critical field position lost.

"They're not just something happens and uhhhhhhhhh, throw their heads down, they're still looking up still fighting," says Eric Morris.

Yes they fought. Absolutely they did. Fought the good fight, but they missed two field goals, either may have won the game.

"You've got to be optimistic, you have to be optimistic. I felt like there were a couple of chances where you thought if they just could have gotten one of those last field goals," says Meg Woolley.

What about the defense, where is this top ten, smash mouth, big d we expected to see. The offense is 8-9-10 win good. The defense, not so much.

"I think we've turned the table completely, we're competitive in every game, we're scoring points," says Michael Reihardt.

Yes they are, and the browns are scoring points with the fans. Most believe this team is very close. Most, but not all.

"They've got to show me, been at this way to long. Same old Browns? Same old Browns," says Jason Hanes.

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