Local business helping community center after vandals attacked

Local business helping community center after vandals attacked
East End Neighborhood House vandalized. (Source: WOIO)
East End Neighborhood House vandalized. (Source: WOIO)

Help arrived today IBEW Local 38, NuSurge Electric and Leff Electrical Supply donating their time and materials to get this place back in business.

"This community center takes care of the neighborhood so well and sometimes the community needs to give back," said Josh Perkins, NuSurge Electric.

East End has been in the dark for two days after vandals cut, stripped and stole the main power lines. That's two days not providing that much needed help.

Vonn Johnson of Leff Electrical Supply says, "over the years we've been committed to the community, giving forward and we'll continue to do so."

The vandals were bold and lucky. They must have had industrial tools and serious electrical experience or they'd be dead, all to steal some copper.

The key to the whole repair is the materials, they're using aluminum and not copper, which is what the thieves were after in first place.

So if they return, they're risking their lives for literally nothing. This repair costs much more than nothing, about $12,000. Thee businesses are doing it for nothing, not even a day's pay.

"My guys came together, we can't force them to do anything they don't want to do, they came together and decided they would volunteer their time," says Perkins-McHamm.

East End should be back in business helping people tomorrow after a tough two days.

"It's very disheartening. You can't focus on being angry but it's a disheartening feeling," says Nakia Smith, East End Neighborhood House.

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