Which flu vaccine is more effective for 2014 flu season

Which flu vaccine is more effective for 2014 flu season
Flu vaccines. (Source: WOIO)
Flu vaccines. (Source: WOIO)

Twenty people died from the flu in Cuyahoga County alone last season.  Another 650 were hospitalized because of it.

Like an uninvited relative at the holidays, the flu comes around every winter and usually stays too long. Last year's strain sent many to the hospital. This year, expect it to be worse.

"The trending data is suggesting that flu activity is slightly higher than what we've seen in the previous five years," said Richard Stacklin, with the Cuyahoga County Board of Health.

He says this year there's an option between two main vaccines. Both contain the most common strains, but the quadrivalent adds extra protection. He also says recommendations for kids have changed.

"The CDC reported this year that anybody two-eight years of age is more protected if they get the nasal spray versus the standard flu shot," said Stacklin.

He says seniors will benefit from the high dosage vaccine.

"The high dose vaccine is about 25% more effective than the standard vaccine. Part of the reason why is because it contains four times more antibodies as a regular flu shot contains," Stacklin says.

In year's past, we've seen the vaccine in short supply but the county says shipments are coming in as expected and they'll be fully stocked once the official flu season begins on October 1st.

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