The secret to younger skin

The secret to younger skin

We all know there are a number of different ways to recapture the look of youth ---- botox, filler injections, fancy creams, and, of course, plastic surgery.

But, hold on yet another fix for the flaws. It's described as shape for under the eyes or even a shrink wrapping for those special wrinkles.

"It really made a difference, I didn't feel anything," said 61-year-old Linda Buchak. "When I looked in the mirror, it was awesome!"

It's called Neotensil and it's offered by local dermatologist, Dr. Lydia Parker. She says, most of all, it's perfect for the person who doesn't want to do anything extreme or permanent but, wants more than what your average "special" cream can offer.

Developed by scientists at MIT and Harvard she says she had to look at it seriously and she's so glad she did!

It's a two step do-it-yourself deal. Do-it-yourself after a little training from the pros to get the most out of it.

Two different types of lotions are applied. One is a sort of polymer, or plastic, that pulls and reshapes under the eyes. Then, the so-called "activator" which activates and sets the polymer.

Beware though, as it sets for about 10 minutes no smiling or frowning in fact no emotion.. otherwise it will set with that emotion.

No huge deal though because you can wash it right  off and start over. It's a temporary fix… only lasts for a day or so…perfect for a special occasion or one of those days when you need to look extra good!!

Dr. Parker says she's seeing all different ages, men and women giving it a try. You got to like that even 81-year-old Michael Gerbasi was willing to give it a try.

When he looked in the mirror after he really didn't see a big difference ...but, admitted he did think it looked a little tighter.

The bottom line with this, says Dr. Parker it will tighten the skin of 90 percent of those who use it -- but, just how much it tightens differs from person to person.

With that, she knows there will be some who don't think it does the job but, you can see how it's one of those things that really doesn't hurt to try. It costs $25 and no side effects to speak of.

If you do like it, you can continue to have it applied by a pro for $25 a shot or get your own home supply which, is where the price is a little more steep.

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