Browns Wednesday: Mike Pettine transcript

Browns Wednesday: Mike Pettine transcript
Browns Wednesday: Mike Pettine transcript (Source:WOIO)
Browns Wednesday: Mike Pettine transcript (Source:WOIO)

On QB Connor Shaw not being at practice:

"He's sick, illness. He's OK. We just wanted to keep him away from everybody."

On LB Craig Robertson not being at practice:

"Craig welcomed a new addition to his family."

On if he takes advantage of the extra prep time going into next week:

"Yeah, our prep this week is really two-prong. It's No. 1, focus on us and just kind of see where we are. A couple of the periods of practice today were corrections, plays that we had given up. This is a copy-cat league. We know there are some concepts we might see again, both sides of the ball. Part of the practice was corrections. It'll be the same tomorrow. Then, part of the practice was starting to look ahead to some of the basic Titans stuff."

On if he will watch the Titans live this week:

"Yeah, I'll probably get a chance to watch it, but the exchange now occurs so quick that our breakdown guys will have that in by middle of the morning Monday that game will be done."

On how much he gets out of watching the opponent on TV:

"You get some, but not much. It's hard to see because the camera angles change. It's tough when you're used to watching the all-22 that you just kind of, it's hard to really scout because you can't see, especially what the receivers are doing most of the time. You can pick up a few things though."

On if it's standard practice for the starting QB to stay at the facility during the bye week:

"I just think the fact that he's from here. If he was from Wyoming, he'd probably be headed there. That's an advantage for him that he's from here that he truly gets the best of both worlds, that he gets his own facility and he's home."

On Hoyer's play and not having to worry about the QB position for the first couple weeks of the season:

"Oh, we worry about it (laughter). He's played well, but he hasn't graded out 100 percent. He's his own toughest critic, too. I just think we've done a good job. (Quarterbacks coach) Dowell (Loggains) and (offensive coordinator) Kyle (Shanahan) have done a good job, not just with the quarterback but with the entire offense, just playing to our strengths."

On if DB Donte Whitner is playing like he expected:

"Yeah, he is. He actually played very well, graded out extremely high. It was his best game against Baltimore."

On if the WR corps was underestimated going into the season or if Hoyer has just been making them look good:

"I think it's a combination. This is a group where we didn't give them a lot of reps together just for obvious reasons. We wanted to make sure (WR) Miles (Austin) was in peak physical shape for the season. We wanted to limit (WR Andrew) Hawkins some, just knowing how hard he goes. That group didn't get a lot of work together, especially in a game plan-specific environment. I think that's a credit to not just that group, but just the offense in general. It's what I've said several times. We don't have (WR) Josh Gordon here. You can't win with guys you don't have. We don't have what people would consider an elite receiving corps, but we've still got to play. That's why we've got to formulate a plan for them to be successful and execute."

On if he thinks DB Joe Haden will take his statement about needing to be great at the end of games as a challenge to step up:

"Whether I said that or not, I think Joe would respond. That's just the type of guy that he is. He knows those are plays he needs to make."

On how much stock he puts in what Hoyer has done so far in the first three games:

"You can tell some, but it's still very much incomplete. I think it's encouraging, especially when he's played well like the last drive against New Orleans, obviously. He's made some big throws on third down, but like everybody else, the number of minuses on the grade sheet, a bunch of them need to get turned into pluses. There's a level of consistency that needs to be raised not just at quarterback but across the board."

On if he wants to get Crowell more reps since he's performing well:

"To me, it's true at any position. If a guy's been productive, you find ways to get him on the field more. That's a good problem to have, when you have a back who, before the season, you weren't factoring in on being a big part of what you're doing and he's being productive. You find ways to get him out there."