The Skinny on LeBron: Diet secrets revealed

The Skinny on LeBron: Diet secrets revealed

LeBron James was already in world-class athlete shape, but still, the transformation James made to his body on a 67 day diet was easy tosee. For those 67 days there were nocarbs, no dairy, and no sugar; just meat, fish, veggies, and fruit.

"With less processed food inhis body he's going to be more efficient at working out and performing, so he'sgoing to be a much more higher functioning athlete," said Justine Carlson, a personal trainer.

Carlson has her degree in exercise science, she'sa trainer and the Wellness Director at the Lake Anna YMCA in Barberton. She's nottraining James but it's obvious to her James is working to be better now andmost likely looking to extend his career.

"High sugar, high carbs are going to beharder on our body, that's going to translate into being harder for us tofunction, harder to compete," said Carlson.

Cavs fans have a key question. Will a leaner LeBron beable to handle a brutal NBA season? Yes, leaner is always better according toCarlson, and the same goes for us.

"Getting rid of highly processed foods isgood for everybody. The chemicals in the highly processed stuff is not good forour bodies, hard for our bodies to digest," Carlson said.

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