Woman speaks out after getting attacked trying to help friends

Woman speaks out after getting attacked trying to help friends

A woman is speaking out after she got attacked as she tried to do the right thing. And now she's doing what she can to get justice too.

Cori Lewandowksi goes to college and she tends bar in Lakewood. Last weekend, trouble started at a bar next door. Cori says she saw a guy outside roughing up two of her female friends. So she jumped in.

But she says the man picked her up and slammed her into the building like a battering ram, leaving her bloodied and in need of lots of stitches in her face.

The man took off, but Lakewood police found him. And now Andrew Sheehan is charged with felony assault and drunk driving.

Still Cori didn't think twice when she saw her friends in a scuffle with a man.

"I'd do it again, definitely, even though people think I'm crazy for jumping in," Lewandowski said.

And now, Cori says all of the woman involved are stepping forward to get justice.

We found a man with the same name and date of birth as Andrew Sheehan working downtown at the Quicken Loans Arena as a "guest experience coordinator".

But court records did not list a phone number, and an attorney who'd represented Sheehan in a previous case is not yet representing him in this one.

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