David Blatt makes transition to NBA with stacked roster

David Blatt makes transition to NBA with stacked roster

INDEPENDENCE, OH (WOIO) - As David Blatt begins the process, at training camp, of turning this group of individuals into a great unit he says he'll start slow and with patience.

"Let's get good at some simple things and grow from there," Blatt said.

And Blatt puts himself squarely in that learning environment. He's never coached in the NBA but he says he will find the pulse of each player and the team, as he himself learns the nuances of the NBA.

"There are a lot of things that go into the NBA game that are unlike any other league in the world," Blatt said. "I'll go through my learning curve and I'll go through my adjustments."

One of Blatts biggest challenges may be finding the right role and the right minutes for every player. There is so much talent here but Blatt believes the really great ones have the desire to fit in to create a real team.

"A really great player is a guy that has the ability to do things but also has the understanding and the willingness to blend his talents in with others in order for the team to succeed," Blatt said.

Of course it all starts with LeBron who has shown throughout his career that he is willing to fit into any role the team needs. Blatt believes  when the best player shows a willingness to work and make a team work everyone else buys in.

"The best thing about LeBron is that when he comes to work every day you know you're going to get his maximum effort and his maximum performance," Blatt said.

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