Hard questions about response to fire alarm where crews returned after an hour

Hard questions about response to fire alarm where crews returned after an hour

We're asking questions about a mysterious fire at a local day care and what firefighters did when they first got a call.

About midnight Thursday, video shows Cleveland firefighters rushing to a call. They'd gotten an alarm from the Close to Home day care center at 38th and Carnegie.

Two and a half minutes later, the first fire crews left. But an hour later firefighters came back to a raging fire.

The day care owner wonders if crews should have done more the first time.

"They should've stuck around, said Rebecca Whitt. "We wouldn't be where we are today, if they would've stuck around."

A report shows "windows and doors checked. No alarm or fire noted." And the report shows, the last unit didn't clear the alarm check until after nearly 9 minutes.

The owner's daughter is relieved crews kept the fire from spreading to the rest of the complex with the day care. Natoya Finley says she showed up 20 minutes after that first alarm, and the fire crews were gone. But she didn't see smoke either. She says spotting something burning wouldn't have been easy since the day care center had big shutters covering windows.

The fire did about $100,000 damage. The cause is still under investigation, and the response may be reviewed too.

Back at the day care, the main concern now is finding a temporary place to operate. The business serves 103 children.

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