TSA keeps finding banned items on airplanes

TSA keeps finding banned items on airplanes

Hard to believe, but passengers are still trying to carry on the bizarre and dangerous at airports across the nation, including Hopkins Airport in Cleveland.

The Transportation Security Administration is finding all types of banned items. So far this year, five passengers have been found with a gun in their carry on bags at Hopkins.

TSA agent Robert Sartchev says, "We will see brass knuckles, homemade knives and the off-the-wall stuff, like chainsaws."

In Dallas, TSA agents found a .40 caliber folding stock rifle. It was loaded with 15 rounds and found in a passenger's carry on.

In Indiana, a handgun was found in a carry on bag.

While in Boston, they found a knife in one.

Last week, the TSA opened a checked bag for a routine inspection at JFK airport in New York. They found coffee, baby wipes, two .40 caliber handguns with 350 rounds of ammo and 33 pounds of marijuana.

This year, TSA has seen a 25-percent increase finding guns in carry ons.

"Through all of last year, we had 1,800 firearms found at checkpoints across the nation. Through August of this year ,we are at 1,400," says Mark Howell with the TSA.

TSA does have a new app that allows you to type in an item you want to take on your flight to check if it's allowed or banned. It's called My TSA and it's available on iPhones and Androids.

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