Series of street robberies, officers question called off chase

Series of street robberies, officers question called off chase

Cleveland Police are investigating a series of street robberies on the southeast side, and the Police Union is questioning why a chase of possible suspects was called off.

In recent days, a number of people have been robbed on the street after a Jeep rolled up and thugs with guns jumped out. Reports show two gunmen, or three, or four.

But ten days ago, Police spotted a Jeep they believe had been used in a robbery, and they followed the vehicle. However, a report shows: "All zone cars were ordered to terminate action...and to let it go."

For months, officers and supervisors in Cleveland have been under strict rules for chases. That was sparked by a massive chase that turned deadly in 2012.

But the Patrol Officer's Union wonders if strict has become too strict.

Over the weekend, Police did arrest two suspects with loaded guns in a Jeep at a gas station spotted by alert officers. Investigators are now following up, even searching for other suspects, and wondering, what about that chase they couldn't finish?

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