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Superintendent warns of social media pitfalls after student arrested for Instagram post

An investigation was launched after a "threatening" post was made on Instagram. (Source: Instagram) An investigation was launched after a "threatening" post was made on Instagram. (Source: Instagram)

It was an online threat that had police and school officials in Twinsburg concerned. Given all the incidents at schools here in Ohio and across the country, this was something officials took very seriously.

A student from Twinsburg High School is in police custody after posting a photo on Instagram that could potentially be viewed as a threat to the school.

"It makes me feel nervous, but I know that we have a good security system here. We have Officer Ron Schaeffer. They're amazing people and I know that they'll protect us and keep us safe," said Aspen Betenson, a Twinsburg High School Junior.

Twinsburg Police arrested the 16-year-old boy Tuesday afternoon and he was taken for a psychiatric evaluation. He has not been charged with anything yet.

Students at the school say they heard about the threat throughout the day.

"I heard some names but I'm not sure who exactly it was," said senior Kevin McCarthy.

The school got messages out to parents Tuesday afternoon.

Schools Superintendent Kathi Powers said, "Obviously, we are taking this very seriously." She had a message for parents, "Please talk with your children about proper use of social media."

"I feel safe going to school tomorrow because we do live in a very safe community. Twinsburg is a very safe and like kind place. I don't know if that's a great descriptive word, but I feel like it's a safe community that I'm glad I live in. I don't feel threatened to go to school tomorrow at all," Kevin said.

Superintendent Powers emphasized that students really need to be careful about what they're posting on social media.

She said, for example, colleges and universities now look at social media postings during the application process. Things that are perceived as negative, threatening or disrespectful can have an impact long after high school.

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