Browns transcript on running back Isaiah Crowell

Browns transcript on running back Isaiah Crowell

On competition at RB:

"(It) makes us work harder, makes me work harder – keep grinding, keep pushing to be the best that I can be."

On whether he sees multiple RBs helping out:

"Yes, I envision all of us being out there, getting time, getting reps, running the bal, (and) being the best backfield in the league."

On competition at RB bringing out the best in everyone:

"Yes, I feel like the competition in practice and in the game, I feel like it brings out the best. It makes us work harder, do better."

On certain things he'd like to improve:

"I haven't really made too many mistakes. I just really want to run harder and stay on top of everything."

On the contrast of pass protection and pass catching in the NFL compared to college:

"Just really the pass protection has been the biggest part. I don't think that catching the football in the backfield is really too big, but pass protection is really just the most important part."

On receiving attention from friends and family during the bye week:

"Oh yes, it was a lot of attention. It was just good to see everybody proud of me. It was just good to see the smiles on their faces."

On where he went during the bye week:

"I went to Alabama State and to my high school."

On both his high school and college coaches being proud of him:

"Oh yeah, they're really proud of me."