VIDEO: Browns Wednesday, Mike Pettine transcript

Browns HC Mike Pettine
Browns Wednesday: Mike Pettine transcript (Source:WOIO)
Browns Wednesday: Mike Pettine transcript (Source:WOIO)

On if he thinks that Tennessee is looking at the Browns as an easier matchup after some of the teams they've played:

"Yeah, I'm sure when we pop up on the schedule based on our current record and less than recent history, people are going to look at the Browns and if they want to pencil it in, it'll be penciled in as a win more often than not. That's what we're out to change. I just…like I said yesterday, that conjecture is for fans. It's for media. There are way too many good players and too many good coaches in this league. You have to be prepared physically and mentally to play every single week at a high level or you're going to get beat."

On if they have to prepare for Titans QB Charlie Whitehurst in case Locker doesn't play:

"I don't think their offense was that different when (Locker) wasn't in there. I think the run game was the same. A lot of the pass concepts were the same. It wouldn't be a radical departure for us, but just given the fact that he practiced late last week and they were confident that he was going to practice today, barring a setback, I'm fairly certain that he'll be ready to go."

On if RB Ben Tate being listed as limited today is just the normal progression:

"It is. That's normal progression that he took individual (reps). He'll take a good part of the team reps today. Then assuming things progress the way they should, he should be listed as full at some point – either tomorrow or Friday."

On what he'll look for in practice this week from the running backs:

"It's no different than in the game. When they have an assignment to do, how well do they carry it out? Are they getting a plus or a minus? We grade our guys tough in games and just as tough in practice. You want to see a guy who's consistent, who's aware. We tell our guys, 'When somebody in your position gets coached, you're responsible for that coaching point as well.' It's important that those guys keep building that knowledge base of not just things that they're directly coached on, but the guys at their position. It'll just be a feel thing at the end of the week."

On Mingo being drafted here as purely a pass rusher and if he sees him differently:

"I see him as having the ability to do both. We evaluated him over the other two in his drop ability. It's close with Mingo probably being the best, Kruger second and Jabaal third as far as ability to drop. The Sam linebacker is a very important position for us from a coverage standpoint. That's just the way we decided to proceed with that rotation."

On how much of the issues with the run defense stem from guys trying to do too much instead of just doing their job:

"I think that's part of it. I think it's making sure of some fundament stuff. When I'm pursuing, I've got to make sure I can stay square in case the back decides to cut back and understanding when I can kind of open up and run full or when I have to kind of throttle down stay square to the ball. Sometimes staying behind the ball is important – not over running it and being susceptible to the cutback. It's been a lot of detail things at every position. It is obviously a point of emphasis for us to get cleaned up."

On if he agrees with Titans defensive coordinator Ray Horton saying that it takes eight games for a defense to settle into a new scheme:

"I've never really thought about in terms of a number. I think a lot of it will be a factor of what did they play before? How radical a departure from what they're used to. If you're coming in and running essentially the same defense with just a few minor changes I think that learning curve is much faster. If you're going from 3-4 to 4-3 and everything is completely different it will obviously be longer. I've never thought of it in terms of number of games. I just think that across the board from players to coaches you better have a pretty good sense of urgency to get it to where it's ingrained and it's learned and guys are playing fast."

On what qualities make a good road team:

"I think you said the word. I think the word 'team' is important, that you can't go down there as a group of individuals. It's truly you against an entire stadium filled with the opposing team's fans. I think you have to be very poised. You have to be focused. You have to understand that it's a long game and you're going to face some adversity. I also equate NFL games to roller coaster rides, and that's what road games probably are than home games are like that as well because you can kind of get caught up in it and just the energy. You just have to make sure that your guys can stay focused through it, stay together, that 'Hey, listen. We've got to have each other's backs on this one because we are all that we have.' I think that's critical. I think a lot of coaches have kind of looked for that formula of, 'Hey, how do we travel? What are eating? When are we going to bed and all that – all those minor things that go into it.' I think it really comes down to you want to build a team that you feel that you can win anywhere, and we talked to the team about it yesterday. It's a big part of is what does it take to win on the road and the poise and the focus and the staying together. The perseverance is a big part of it."

On if the role of the quarterback increases on the road in regards to focus and poise:

"I think that's helpful just because he's much more likely to get rattled on the road, whether it's dealing with crowd noise or just kind of that swell of emotion, that energy that's coming down on you from the stands. I'd agree with that. I think the quarterback's demeanor and how he handles adversity is important."

On how he handles team travel:

"We like to build a little bit of a window. Guys have friends. They have family in town. I was never one to kind of, 'Hey, let's get there and get bunkered in. We have our routine and when our guys get used to it. I prefer to get to the visiting city sooner than later and not have it butted right up to meetings to give guys a little bit of time to decompress. I just think it's important to have that routine and to stick to it."

On if there will be a competition at long snapper during this week of practice:

"It is. We'll rotate those guys in practice, and then I'll rely on 'Tabes' (special teams coordinator Chris Tabor). We'll talk about it at the end of the week if we want to make a move or not."

On a rumor that the Browns are trying to acquire Titans WR Justin Hunter and possible trade talks:

"It's news to me."

On what he saw from Titans RB Bishop Sankey leading up to the draft and in the first four games of the season:

"We definitely liked him. I don't recall where we had him ranked in relation to the other guys, but a very complete back. A guy that has good vision, can run away from you, but still has that ability to make you miss. He's pretty good in the pass game, as well, and you can just see him getting better. It hasn't been a lot of time, but you can see his role is going to increase. It's difficult for us to prepare for because they really throw four backs at you whether it's (Titans RBs Dexter) McCluster, Shonn Greene, Sankey, Leon Washington – who I know from being with him in New York – can be very explosive, as well. I was also with Shonn Greene. He's a guy that was highly regarded coming out, and he's certainly living up to it."