Cleveland landlords shot while making repairs on property

Cleveland landlords shot while making repairs on property

Landlords installing a new screen door on their rental property were shot in a drive-by shooting Wednesday night.

They were making the repairs to a home they owned on Coates Avenue, near East 114th Street, when a man drove by and fired shots out of a car.

Twalann Coates, 31, and Gerald Reed, 25, were shot in the leg and buttocks, respectively. 

The couple drove themselves to Marymount Hospital, where Reed was transferred to MetroHealth for further treatment. Both were treated and released.

Police say neighbors heard several shots around 8:15 p.m., and saw the couple limping to their car. About a minute later, they saw a woman and child leave the home.

The woman and child were new tenants in the home and hid in their upstairs apartment during the shooting. They heard Coates and Reed saying they were going to the hospital and left to meet them there.

Police found seven spent .40 caliber casings in the street and multiple rounds that struck the home.

One of the victims said they know the shooter from the neighborhood and that person is known to show off weapons. Police have not named any suspects and are still investigating.

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