Nestle laying off around 100 employees

Nestle laying off around 100 employees

SOLON, OH (WOIO) - Nestle will be laying off around 100 employees from their Solon factory, where they make both Stouffer's and Lean Cuisine meals.

The job loss is due to some key changes in their manufacturing operations.

The Solon factory was built in 1968 and Nestle officials say the site is now space-constrained.

To provide the additional space they require, they stopped production on one line in June and will remove two additional production lines in November.

While certain types of jobs will be eliminated, others will be created in this new model.

Currently, Nestle employs 950 people at the Solon factory.

Approximately 200 jobs will be changed or eliminated.

Some employees will be able to transition to other positions in other Nestle facilities.

Solon factory employees will evaluate their employment options over the next few weeks.

By November 17, employees will have decided how they would like to proceed and the two production lines will no longer be producing.

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