A Carl Monday Update: Local trash hauler indicted on federal charges

Carl Monday Update: Man indicted for illegal garbage dumping in Cleveland
Christopher Gattarello (Source: Cleveland Police)
Christopher Gattarello (Source: Cleveland Police)

A Carl Monday investigation is getting results.  A man suspected of illegally dumping millions of pounds of raw garbage in Cleveland neighborhoods has now been indicted on federal and county criminal charges.

Long-time waste hauler and ex-con, Chris Gattarello, was indicted for violation of the Federal Clean Air Act, for dumping an estimated 29 million pounds of waste at the old Acme plant in Glenville.  He also faces charges for dumping garbage at a warehouse in Collinwood.  Both facilities are in residential areas.  So it was no surprise when Monday and his team captured rats, on camera, taking residence in the neighborhood.

Also indicted on various charges were Gattarello's brother, Anthony, and garbage hauler William Jackson. Twice, Monday confronted Gattarello about the mess he's left behind, but he refused to talk.

Councilman Mike Polensek, both then and now, has called for a city crackdown on the rouge garbage haulers.  "This is a disaster, and it's got to be stopped," said Polensek.

While Monday was conducting his investigation, so were several state and federal agencies, including the FBI, EPA and the county Prosecutor.  Gattarello is also in trouble for a trash hauling deal in Louisiana, in which he's been charged with money laundering and defrauding a company there of $1.2 million.

Last summer, the EPA was forced to remove, at taxpayers' expense,  asbestos from the Acme site---asbestos that was supposed to be removed by Gattarello and Jackson.   The asbestos is now gone, but the trash isn't.  When Monday's team checked today, they found much of the millions of pounds of waste at the Acme site is still there.

To read the full indictment, click HERE.

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