New Software could save Breast Cancer Patients

Health Alert: New technology to help Breast Cancer patients

Matching the patient with the right kind of cancer fighting drug, especially when it comes to clinical trials, can be challenging and can take up precious time.  But now, there's potentially life saving software for that.

Manuel Glynias is a Harvard and Case Western Reserve University Educated Scientist whose own life has been touched by cancer. 

"My dad died of Melanoma at age 50.  He was diagnosed in June and was gone by October.  That was 1975," says Glynias.

Fueled by his desire to find a cure and save lives, Glynias's company GenomOncology developed a breakthrough technology that could save the lives of thousands of breast cancer patients.  It's a software program that gives your doctor a personalized prescription for treating your cancer based on your own genomic data. GO Clinical Workbench combines the findings of DNA sequencing with cancer fighting drugs.

"The missing link was the software that will take that data that they come up with from the sequences and turn it into a report you hand a physician that says, 'here are the drugs to give this patient.'  So, it's personalized medicine cancer. It's medicine directed at a particular tumor," added Glynias.

Most importantly, the GO Clinical Workbench saves precious time.

"It works remarkably quickly. So, in about 20 minutes, the data comes off the sequencer, you can actually have a report ready to hand to a physician. So, a lot of our clients have five day turnaround times, from the time they give the sample, to the time that they tell the physician, 'here are the drugs that are appropriate for the patient to get," says Glynias.

The software is now being marketed to heath care providers around the country. It is currently being used at Ohio State.

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