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Palestinian protest outside Cavs game

Palestinian protest at Cavs game. (Source: WOIO) Palestinian protest at Cavs game. (Source: WOIO)

Palestinian Americans demonstrated tonight outside the Cavalier's arena in protest of a game against the national team from Israel because the game is a benefit for the Israeli army. 

The game comes on the heels of deadly fighting in Gaza last summer where dozens of Israelis and thousands of Palestinians were killed.

Demonstrators see Israel as occupying Gaza and don't think the Cavs should have hosted the game, there by injecting politics into sport.

A dozen Israeli soldiers who were injured fighting Palestinians are also scheduled to be flown in for tonight's game, which further angered demonstrators.

The Cavs coach, David Blatt, is an American Israeli who was born in Boston, MA but later moved to Israel and was recently quoted as saying, " In my opinion, this war is Israel's most justified war I can remember in recent years."

The Cavs refuse to comment regarding its coach's statement or on the message tonight's game sends to Palestinian Americans.

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