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Owner cited after dog bites child

The 6-year-old will have to undergo additional medical care. (Source: Family) The 6-year-old will have to undergo additional medical care. (Source: Family)

A dog owner in Massillon has been cited, after a 6-year-old was bit in the face by the neighbor's dog. 

Stark County is citing the owner for not having a license and there is no proof the dog is up to date on shots. 

The pictures are not easy to see. Brady Winter was bitten at least once by the neighbor's pit bull mix. 

"It was horrible, horrible. I would not want anybody to go through that. It was horrible," said Brady's mother, Jessica Winter. 

The mother claims Brady walked into his classmate's house and the dog jumped up from the floor and bit him. 

Massillon does not have a ban on pit bulls, but at the scene, the dog's owner was cited for no proof of a dog's license or rabies inoculation. 

The dog will be quarantined for the next 10 days. 

Winter is asking dog owners to lock up their pets when kids are in their homes.

"I think they should put the dog in a room or cage if they are going to let children in, or just don't let them in. You can say 'no' to not let the children in. They can play outside or somewhere safe. If you know the dog could possibly do something, don't let them in," said Winter. 

Brady will undergo more medical care.

19 Action News reached out to the dog's owners who said they had no comment. 

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