Stop the Violence: Gun Violence, Prevention and Solution Forum

Stop the Violence: Gun Violence, Prevention and Solution Forum

The "Gun Violence, Prevention and Solution Forum" took place Tuesday at the Jerry Sue Thornton Center.

Cleveland Councilman Zach Reed put together the event. Reed believes bringing law-enforcement the media, politicians and community groups together is a good start.

"I think we have to continue to make the case that this problem is everybody's problem," said Reed.

Reed brought in former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown who decided to engage the residents of the city's public house he created a jobs program that had some success.

"I went to the streets plain and simple and I took everyone that worked for the city with me," said Brown.

Brown acknowledges it's major challenge, but says lives can be saved when people start seeing opportunity.  More  than 60 people have lost their lives to violence this year in the city including the best friend of Cali Wright.

"All it takes is effort and people to come together and want to make a change. nothing will change if you don't wanted to," said Wright.

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