Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin transcript

Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin transcript
Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin transcript (Source: MGN online)
Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin transcript (Source: MGN online)

On Steelers WR Antonio Brown having success against DB Joe Haden the last time they played:

"You know, I think Joe has had some success against Antonio as well. I just think they're two talented young guys who are big time competitors. Obviously, the matchup is an important one for both sides. It has a little intrigue to it."

On the challenge of going against the Browns wide zone blocking:

"It's what they major in so they're very good at it. It doesn't necessarily matter that it's the scheme itself. It's that they full-time it. They commit to it and so they're good at it much like the gap-scheme teams that are fully committed to gap-schemes. They do it fulltime. They're very good at it. They execute at a high level from a technique standpoint, and you have to match that."

On how complicated it is to deal with the Browns constantly changing running backs:

"I don't know that the back matters all that much to the defensive football player. Maybe as a defensive player caller, from time to time who's in the backfield has a bearing on how you call plays. I'm sure that happens some when we move from (Steelers RB) Le'Veon Bell to (Steelers RB) LeGarrette Blount, but I don't know as a defender if it changes how you play at all."

On if OL Alex Mack, a guy who has been in some tussles with a couple of Steelers and got into one with a guy from the Ravens, is getting under players' skin:

"I think he gets under players skins because he's good. Guys are competitors. They don't like getting beat, and he wins a lot more than he loses. He's a Pro Bowl caliber player."

On seeing some ranking that had the Browns as the No. 1 offensive line through the first four weeks and if that sounds about right to him:

"I'm not into those rankings. I don't give them a lot of credence whether it's positive or negative. Those rankings, where they're generated from – bloggers and whatnot – it's humorous to me."

On what he would say about the Browns offensive line and if it's a strength to their team:

"First, they've got a couple of really talented Pro Bowl caliber players at the left tackle and at the center position. Collectively, they play well together. They're very good technicians. They get hats on hats in the running game, and they're sound in pass protection. There really are no holes in the group. They do a great job. I think the consistency of all three backs really illustrates that. All of those backs are over four or five yards-per-carry. They're a very good group."

On if it's getting easier to prepare for QB Brian Hoyer after seeing him as the starter for a few more games:

"I really hadn't looked at it as easier or harder. We respect him obviously. We respected him the first time we played him because we know him. Like I said the first time we were preparing to play those guys, we've just got a lot of respect for him and who he is and his commitment to the game of football. It's just good to see that hard work and dedication pay off for anyone."

On how well he got to know Hoyer during that brief time he spent as a Steeler in 2012:

"I got to know him very well pretty quickly because I tend to gravitate to the industry bringers, to the gym rats, and he definitely falls into that category. In the short period of time he was here, we spent a lot of time together having formal and informal conversations. I like Brian a lot."

On if it's different playing the Browns as they're evolving now that it was playing them in some of the years when they were struggling more:

"You know, we respect them now. We respected them then. We've really just got to live in the present and focus on this week's challenges. Really, that's the approach I take. I really am not into all of those cross-comparisons. They're a different group than they've been. We're a different group than we've been, so it's really irrelevant, particularly to a lot of these young guys who don't care about the past."

On how difficult it is to prepare for a guy like OL Joe Thomas and what elements does he bring to a game:

"He's a great technician, and he's got great physical talent and length. He understands his strengths, and he utilizes them and plays to them. He understands situational football. He's always prepared. He knows the moves of the people that rush him. He earns the reputation that he has."

On if he thinks the loss of DL Phil Taylor is going to affect anything that he does in the running game:

"I didn't know that Phil Taylor was lost."

On Taylor having surgery this morning:

"I was unaware of that."

On what makes Bell so affective and if his patience plays a part in his success:

"He has some God-given talent, but I'm sure that he'll attest that his success and LaGarrette Blount's success is not solely because of their run talent. The guys are blocking people and winning the line of scrimmage. It's a collective effort, not only with the offensive line, but with some of the perimeter blockers and so forth. I think our unit takes a great deal of pride in the success that Le'Veon has had."