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Police officer involved in controversial traffic stop placed on leave

A snapshot taken from the video that was posted to YouTube. (Source: YouTube) A snapshot taken from the video that was posted to YouTube. (Source: YouTube)
Andre Stocket defends his actions. (Source: WOIO) Andre Stocket defends his actions. (Source: WOIO)

A police officer involved in controversial traffic stop has been placed on leave.

The traffic stop took place in Sandusky on Oct. 1. It was recorded and posted on social media by the people who were stopped, and since then it has gone viral.

At first, the police officer reported the car was driving without headlights and the passenger in the car looked similar to Jeremy Newell, a man wanted for outstanding warrants. But during the course of the stop, his reasons change for why he pulled over Kathryn Said. In the meantime, Andre Stocket, the man who was sitting in the passenger seat, grew more combative. 

The argument continued. Stocket maintained that he did nothing wrong, but the officer insisted he ID himself to show he was not a man with warrants. 

The officer then called a K9 over to search the car, and Stocket protested, saying he did not consent to a search.

Things escalated, and eventually, the couple was apprehended.

You can click HERE to watch the entire video. There is profanity, so use discretion.

On Tuesday, the Sandusky Police Department held a press conference to address the situation. Police said they cannot comment on case specifics, but said the officer acted lawfully.

"However, it is clear that the officer did not act perfectly, and there is always room for improvement," police and city officials said. "We will continue to strive to improve and to take advantage of the visibility this incident provided to highlight progress and build a stronger relationship with the citizens we serve."

To read the full text of the press conference, click HERE.

On Wednesday, the city released a statement that after a preliminary internal review, the discrepancies in Officer Christopher Denny's statements made during the stop has led to the decision of his administrative leave. The Lucas County Sheriff's Office, Internal Investigative Unit, will now pursue an investigation.

The statement also said over the last 48 hours, Chief John Orzech and city officials have initiated an internal review of this specific incident, undertaken a review of training programs, along with officer recruitment and hiring procedures to ensure the police department reflects the makeup of the community and standards of conduct which the community deserves.

It continued with an explanation that the department is taking steps to ensure a positive outcome. 

Read the full statement HERE.

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