Sadness, shock for employees and patrons after Katz Club Diner fire

Sadness, shock for employees and patrons after Katz Club Diner fire

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) - Employees at the Katz Club on Lee Road in Cleveland Heights trying to salvage what they can just one day after someone torched the place.

Matt Melvin is a pastry chef who's been working there for two years. He says he's sickened by what he sees.

"I think we're all still in shock," Melvin said. "It's pretty disgusting."

Police arrested and charged 46-year-old James Warholak with aggravated arson. Investigators say the Cleveland Heights man set the building on fire early Tuesday morning. The owner of the business couldn't get into details, but tells us Warholak was a line cook, but no longer worked at the Katz Club.

Melvin remembers him well.

"Say he wasn't all that stable to begin with," Melvin said. "So it's disgusting. Can't necessarily say it was surprising that this happened."

Tom Olson would eat at the diner and go to the club with his wife.

"It's such a beautiful place," Olson said. "I can't imagine why anyone would do such a thing. It's just beyond belief.'

In the meantime, Melvin and other employees are working on their catering contracts out of another restaurant. They're thankful they're not out of a job, but wondering why a former worker would light the popular business on fire.
The owner tells us he hopes to have the kitchen where they do most of their catering open in a couple of months. He's not sure about the restaurant and club.

Warholak remains behind bars. His bond was set at $250,000.

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