Airports working to stop spread of Ebola

Airports working to stop spread of Ebola

Hopkins is not one of U.S. airports where new Ebola screenings will take place. But travelers there are aware of these developments and they're following the Ebola story closely.

Many travelers were collecting their bags and heading home at Hopkins Airport Wednesday night.

Jackie Murakami and her husband were just arriving after a journey from Tokyo with stops in Paris and New York before Cleveland. They saw warnings about the Ebola virus in airports overseas.

"There are some posters indicating certain areas that are high risk, which include China and also Africa." said Murakami.

Federal officials say they will start checking passengers from West Africa for fever. That will happen at airports in Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC and Atlanta.

George Faulkner says he flies 100,000 miles a year and he's happy to hear about the screenings.

"I fly an awful lot although not internationally.  But, nonetheless, any flight that comes in internationally can touch anybody that's traveling around the country as well," he said.

Hopkins only has six flights from international destinations...all from Mexico and Canada. The Murakami's are not overly concerned about Ebola.

"Not very. I guess. I've researched it and I've read it's hard to catch. It's not airborne," Murakami said.

The Centers for Disease Control says 36,000 passengers have been screened in the past two months.  Nearly 80 were barred, but none have since been diagnosed with Ebola.

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