TRAFFIC ALERT: Changes coming for downtown drivers heading for I-77

TRAFFIC ALERT: Changes coming for downtown drivers heading for I-77

Crews on behalf of ODOT will soon reconfigure access for downtown motorists bound for I-77.

Traffic which previously entered I-77 from E 9th and Ontario Streets will soon use an upgraded boulevard along Orange Avenue.

The currently closed East 14th Street entrance to I-77 south will also be reopened, along with other improvements.

The changes in this area are part of ODOT's Innerbelt Modernization Plan – a multi-billion dollar plan focused on improving safety, reducing congestion and modernizing interstate travel through Downtown Cleveland.

The reconfiguration is being completed along with work to construct a new eastbound George V. Voinovich Bridge – the second of a pair to replace the old Innerbelt Bridge.

The project will also include aesthetic improvements which make the area a more welcoming entry into the city as well as bike and pedestrian facilities along city roadways.

During the week of October 20, the Ontario Street ramp to I-77 south will close.

To accommodate the influx of traffic, crews will open a second lane on the ramp from Orange Avenue to I-77 south as well as a temporary lane on I-77 south over I-490.

In mid-November, crews will close the East 9th Street entrance to I-77 south and open the East 14th Street ramp to I-77 south.

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