Browns Thursday: Mike Pettine transcript

Browns Thursday: Mike Pettine transcript
Browns Thursday: Mike Pettine transcript (Source:WOIO)
Browns Thursday: Mike Pettine transcript (Source:WOIO)

On if DB Joe Haden is making progress with his injury:

"Yeah, and again, we're playing it slow. We'll see. We won't have any real good information on that until tomorrow."

On if the offensive line can set the tone of what a offense can do:

"To me, I just think it starts with the offensive line. You want to look for reasons why we've had the success we've had offensively. It's what we've talked about from Day 1. You want to be able to protect the quarterback. You want to be able to run the football. To me, you want to put a No. 1 reason behind our success I think that's it or right up there. I think (offensive line) Coach (Andy) Moeller and (assistant offensive line) Coach (George) DeLeone have done a great job with them. It's a group that you just stand near them and listen to them to talk – they're football nerds. That's all they talk about is football. They get into some real in-depth conversations about it, and it shows on the field. They work very well together. It's a very intelligent group, and I think they're very well suited for the scheme."

On Steelers RB Le'Veon Bell being a back that can do everything:

"He is. I put him in the top-5 in the league. He's exceptional. He can make you miss. He can run you over, but he's a true dual threat. He gets the ball on screens and even check downs. Teams have had them third-and-long and he leaks out late. Throw the check down, makes a guy miss and next thing you know it's first down. I think he's starting to get the recognition, but he's one of the premier backs in this league."

On DB Pierre Desir and if he's practicing or up to speed to play:

"Coming from where he came, we knew that he was likely going to be a one-year, redshirt-type situation. He's not just putting in the time. He goes out and works every day to get better. He's getting there. I think he's where we figured he would be at this time, but it's just something we're not going to force it. If the need comes at some point during the year for him to be up and we feel that he's ready to go, then he'll be up and he'll be out there."

On if DBs Justin Gilbert and Robert Nelson got reps on the outside yesterday:

"They did."

On if Nelson has any chance of playing ahead of Gilbert:

"Wait and see."

On what he takes away from giving up 12 plays of 15 yards or more to Pittsburgh's offense in Week 1:

"We've talked about it wasn't just Week 1. That's been our issue is giving up the big ones. It's not necessarily teams that are just kind of consistently four, five, six yards at a time. It's been tackle for loss, incomplete, get them in longer yardage, and then, rip off a big chunk on us or they earn a first down and then it's a big play and we're back on our heels. That's a big part of what we need to get corrected is making sure that we play ultra-consistent because that does put us in a situation where we feel like we're close because we can make plays. We've shown it, but we're giving up to many big ones. There wasn't any one thing, there wasn't any one particular defense we were in. It wasn't one particular player. It was a lot of little things involved with all of it, and some that we're very well-aware of.

On if Bell is consistently patient:

"Yeah, that's his style. It's unique because that's one of the difficult things, and some backs never learn how to do that. He truly just has the patience and the vision that if it's not there he just kind of hops and buys himself a little bit of time. Then, to me, he's one of the best backs at his ability to change speeds. He can go from zero to 60 in hurry. He can kind of lull you to sleep, even on a pass route. Get out there, kind of standing there. Then, all of a sudden break away full speed. That's been his style, and it's one of the reasons that he's as good as he is."

On if he goes back years to study Roethlisberger or if he studies his more recent games:

"Yeah, because it hasn't significantly change. We have a scramble cut-up of some plays, but we don't need to go back very far to get a lot of them. The guys can get the picture without having to go back that far. There's plenty of tape from last year. When we were preparing for the opener we had all of last year's tape to pull from. Once you get into the season, now that we're a quarter of the way in, you have a solid…Most of the times when you break an opponent down it's a minimum of four games. Then, you could use their starters' snaps from the preseason. That's more than enough to get a good feel of a player."

On his interaction with Browns WR Josh Gordon now that he is back in the building and if he has weekly meetings with him:

"I don't. That's just that I have my hands full with the guys that are playing on the weekend. When I see him I'll check in with him, but there's no set schedule for him with me. He does have a set schedule otherwise, and that's been the plan from the beginning. He is in the team meetings, but other than that I do not have much interaction with him."

On if the Browns coaching staff thought that the transition to offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan's offense would be this smooth for the offensive line:

"I'd be a liar if I said that we thought we would be where we ware with the offensive line, but when you look at the group and just how smart they are and how hard they work and the way they get coached – looking back on it, it's not a huge surprise. It is safe to say that they're further ahead of where we thought they would be."

On giving up three sacks against the Steelers in Week 1, if the line has gotten better since then and what Pittsburgh does that allows them to get pressure on the quarterback:

"That's just been…The Dick LeBeau defense has always been built on pressuring the quarterback and build it around their edge pass rushers, then the blitz stuff, bringing guys from the secondary, bringing the backers from off the ball. I don't know what the numbers are. I don't get into it too much, but I just know statistically, from what I've heard, that offensive linemen-wise that we've been protecting the quarterback very well. I know we gave up three, but I know those guys have played at a very high level since then. To me – I talked about this before – it's not just sacks equal poor offensive line play. A lot of times it's tight ends. It's the quarterback holding onto the ball, not getting it out when he was supposed to. A lot of things go into that."

On what skills a cornerback has to play inside as opposed to outside:

"They don't have to have the length that you require on the outside. You're looking for short-area quickness. That's why we've had success with smaller guys there. You don't have to have the top-end speed to play in the slot that you do…We're looking for press-man coverage ability outside with some length, the ability to time up a ball and ball skills. Whereas, inside it's a little bit different. It's kind of halfway between an outside corner and a safety, a guy that obviously can cover the slot.  A lot of the slots are usually smaller guys, quicker. You look at a guy like 'Hawk' (WR Andrew Hawkins) or the (Broncos WR Wes) Welkers of the world, (Jets WR) Jeremy Kerley. Those types of guys where you've got to have a lower center of gravity. You can't be more of a long-strider outside."

On if the Steelers use WR Antonio Brown in the slot a lot:

"They move him around. They do a good job. For the most part, he's the X – the weak-side receiver – but they do a good job moving around so you really can't just kind of build a plan around where he's going to line up."

On how he gets himself confident about stopping the Steelers run game with Browns DLs Phil Taylor out and possibly Billy Winn out of the game on Sunday:

"That's where you trust your depth and have a guy like 'Kitch' (DL Ishmaa'ily Kitchen), who's been inactive but has played at a high level when he's been in there. There's not a big drop off, and (Browns DL) John Hughes. That's one of the rooms where we felt that we had some depth. We're confident in the guys that we have. We can't change anything dramatically based on losing those guys. It's one of the reasons why I talked to the team that it's getting to time of the year where you see it around the league where you're hearing 'next man up' a lot. That's important because injuries are a part of it, and there are no excuses come Sunday."

On how you get low-rep guys such as the defensive linemen into a rhythm:

"It's part of it. They've logged a lot of reps for us in the preseason and logged a lot of reps for us in practice, limited game snaps, but these guys aren't rookies. We're confident based on what we see. We're confident that they'll go out there and do their job."